Yet Another Roguelike Tutorial

After several months of sporadic coding, I finally completed my first large programming project in a very long time, Yet Another Roguelike Tutorial. I found this excellent tutorial by way of /r/roguelikedev during their RoguelikeDev Does the Roguelike Tutorial event. Since it was my first big dive into Python programming in a very long while, I decided to stick to following the tutorial verbatim and mix it up once I completed it.

Completing the tutorial gives you a very functional roguelike, with several enemies, items, dungeon levels, and equipment. Before completing this tutorial I had a little experience with Python and had used it in several small projects. Working through the tutorial, I not only got a good understanding of using the tcod engine but a much better understanding of a lot of Python functionality.

I am now in the process of figuring out where I want to take this game. With the clear path of the tutorial done, I have too many options swirling around in my brain right now. I strongly recommend this tutorial if you have any interest in learning tcod, python, or roguelike development. Working through this project has continued to reignite a passion for game programming that has been gone for a long time.

Screenshot of the death of the hero to a troll.

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