Game Release – The Abandoned World

The Abandoned World was created from a game a Trophy: Dark that I had ran for some friends several years ago. When they were creating their characters, one of the players asked what time period it was set in. It was a one-shot in Trophy: Dark style, so I didn’t have anything planed in mind,Continue reading “Game Release – The Abandoned World”

RPG Jam – What’s So Cool About The Paranormal Unified Field Theory

tl;dr Check out the game here. I recently finished another tabletop RPG game jam, the What’s So Cool About Jam? based on hacking the game What’s So Cool About Space? by Jared Sinclair. WSCAS is an incredibly light-weight RPG based on Sword & Backpack, Tunnel Goons, Classic Traveller, and others. The simplicity of itsContinue reading “RPG Jam – What’s So Cool About The Paranormal Unified Field Theory”