Week at the Workbench – Weeks 05/06 2023

Not too much to report for the past few weeks – a string of GI bugs that circulated around my household as well as reno projects that have ramped up severely hampered any free time for projects over the past few weeks.

Atmospheric Sensor

On my atmospheric sensor project I’ve discovered that the version 3 of the enclosure that I 3D printed out had a few minor flaws in the model – gaps between parts that should not have been there. I was able to correct this but I have not had a chance to test version 4 yet.

Retro PCs

I picked up a couple of retro pcs from the local ReUse store, but I haven’t had a chance to dive into them yet. Hopefully some writeups soon!

Only a small update for the past few wild weeks but fingers crossed for more to come this week!

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