Week at the Workbench – Week 04 2023

Power Supply Breakout Case

The back panel of the power supply case that correctly fits the plug, switch, and screw holes.

Fourth prototype was the charm! After minor tweaks, I finally got a panel that will fit the back of the power supply. It took a while, no thanks to swings of extremely cold weather that tend to mess with my prints, despite the enclosure I have. By the end of this week I have all of the sides of the case printed:

Four sides of a case.

To test their fit out I just need to print out the bottom, which they will all slot into, as shown in the 3d model:

A 3d model of the case.

And provided everything fits, I’ll just need to make up a lid and the whole thing will be good to go. With any luck I’ll have it finished by next week.

Christmas Village LED Lights

While it is now far past Christmas and the Christmas village is almost ready to be packed up, I still want to get a functional LED light so it will be ready for next year. The LEDs I had been using were just not strong enough, so I ordered some small SMD package orange LEDs to chain together. Once I got them, I quickly (and not neatly) soldered them onto the existing prototype, in a set of three.

3 small orange leds soldered to a 3v battery assembly.
3 orange leds with a difussion screen.

Three of these LEDs worked much better than the other one, and since they are so small, I should be able to fit more of them into each house. I’ve made up a new model for the holder and will test it out next with 6 LEDs.

Version 3 of the Light holder

While progress has been not too rapid, for once I feel like I’m actually working towards completing my projects and not just piling more and more on while the old ones get tossed aside. Hopefully I’ll be able to get both of these in a wrapping up point next week, provided my 3d printer cooperates!

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