Week at the Workbench – Week 03 2023

A very busy week for me on this 3rd week of 2023, but not a lot to report on and show project-wise. I am in the midst of a huge mostly DIY renovation of our house so I have been very busy this week painting ceilings and getting walls ready to be painted and crown molding ready to be put up. Not a lot to show for it yet but hopefully two rooms in my house will be usable soon.

Seltzer Kegs

While it has been a while since I have homebrewed any beverages, we have jumped into the world of kegs at the house. I have a simple keg setup for seltzer water right now, very crude, but with big plans to expand it. The kegs were bought used so they took a little work to get them cleaned up, but it was a lot of fun to put together and troubleshoot. I had been wary of jumping into this world of kegging ever since I started homebrewing beer long ago – once I actually got working on it though it was a lot easier than I was fearing. Soon I’ll have plenty of sparkling drinks in the house – very excited about that!

Power Supply Bench Power Case

Little progress on the PSU case was made this week, but I did separate the case model into its separate sections to test print them before putting them all together. I have begun printing out the PSU side of the case to make sure all of the holes are lined up . We’ll find out next week if this revision has succeeded!

To Next Week!

A lot more house work next week, but hopefully I can squeeze some time for some more progress on all of these projects I’ve got up in the air. I’ve been taking videos of some of my work to so I’m hoping to put some together to hopefully have a better record of my work than my spotty picture taking. See you next update!

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