Week at the Workbench – Weeks 01-02 2023

In the back of my mind, it had only been a few weeks since I last posted my last projects here. So, I was a little blown away when I logged on this week to find that I hadn’t posted in over 6 months! I hadn’t been completely projectless in that time, and maybe I’ll be able to post some of those updates soon, but I have also been deep in the midst of a large house renovation that is taking up a lot of my time, in addition to everything else. I have come to realize that I am very much a person of habits – it is very difficult for me to start new things and I do best with a regular schedule. Keeping that in mind, I hope in 2023 to post at least weekly of everything that I have been working on. Hopefully by keeping short weekly posts I’ll get more in the habit of writing up my projects.

ATX Power Supply to Various Output Voltages

An ATX power supply breakout board with a 3d printed front cover that is too small.

I got an inexpensive breakout for ATX Power supplies to give you pins for +12, -12, +5, and +3.3V power and I had an old 250 W power supply to use with it. It’s no variable bench power supply, but it will be a nice little upgrade from anything I was using before this. I decided to give this a 3d printed case and thought that this would be a good time to try out FreeCAD, since I have been hitting a wall with the usefulness of Tinkercad. Printed out a test of the front case that the breakout board would fit into – first attempt, holes were to small.

The breakout board with a correctly printed cover.

Second attempt fit just right! Went straight ahead with printing out the rest of the bottom case, only took 32 hours!

The case for the power supply and breakout board being printed.
A power supply that does not line up with the holes in the case!

And the case doesn’t line up! I’ll have to adjust the model and print out some test fits in the coming week.

The Island of Koholint

A 3d printed model of the island of Koholint

Link’s Awakening was my first Zelda game and one of my fondest from my childhood, and I was blown away when I found this model of Koholint Island. It had been a long time since I used my 3d Printer to print out something that is not functional so I got a good work out of changing filaments in the printer. I need to color the spots on the egg and take some better pictures, but the model printed out incredibly easy and looks great.

Cleaned Up Workbench

My workbench.

I’ve got some more IKEA Skadis shelves on my workbench and have been printing out all sorts of custom pieces to fit all of my stuff. I have a new hot air work station I’ve been eager to try out and new multimeter as well. You can see the Raspberry Pi Pico W powered air quality monitors I’ve been working on which should be getting some updates soon.

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