TBT – Lego Pirate Map

Returning to my backlog of projects that I have never posted about is an incredibly fun, short project I made for our nursery. Fitting with the adventure theme detailed in the bookend post, I wanted to make an adventure themed wall art display that also had some childhood whimsy, and a LEGO Treasure Map fit that bill perfectly.

I had some left over small canvases from some other project ideas, but I wanted some presence on the wall, so I opted to make a 2 x 2 tile of small canvases that would combine to be the whole image.

Cover the canvas in a parchment color pigment to start with, then map out the blue.

The land was mapped out in white first, after an attempt with the yellow pigment was very difficult to cover the blue.

Begin to outline the map and add the compass rose.

Finish the yellow land and begin some detail.

And the finished piece hanging above the changing table!

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